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Adults Martial Arts Program

In Brampton, ON

Keiko Martial Arts Karate in Brampton Ontrio

Hey Mom and Dad:

Are you finding it difficult to balance your career with being a parent?

Are the daily stresses of  work and raising children taking a toll on you Mentally and Physically.

Have you ever wanted to make a change but werent sure how to start or where to go?

Like most people you tried going on a diet, new exercise program or even bought a gym membership

Did you say “This time I’m going to do it!”?

Were you excited and all set to get off to a strong start only to find out that after a couple months you were right back to where you started (or worse)?


The good news is it was probably not the program or even your motivation. The reason most adults cannot sustain long term change has to do with their “COMFORT ZONE”. So the key to make real, lasting change in your life is not in choosing the right diet or program but in changing how your think, your mindset.

Now you are probably saying “Okay, that sounds good. Now how do I do that?” First you have to understand your comfort zone. It is always moving in the direction of getting larger or smaller. Have you ever known an older adult whose comfort zone was so small they can barely get themselves out to do anything? The bad news is that if left on its own we naturally shrink our comfort zone as we age.


That is where KARATE comes in!

Busy schedule??..... Check out our Noon Classes

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

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