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Kid's Karate Classes In Brampton, ON

We believe every child is born with a unique and special gift – 


This unique gift just needs to be uncovered! Their success and happiness is only really held back by two things . . . Fears and limiting beliefs.


This fun, safe, professionally designed course has one objective – To get your child AHEAD of their peers for kindergarten and first grade!

Keiko Martial Arts Dragon Program - age 3 and up Karate Girl

Our secret:

“To accelerate their lives” While most parents are familiar with what karate can do for their child physically, and with bully prevention, many of our parents are delighted to discover just how much karate can do for their child developmentally. Our programs for this age group focus on developing  skills like listening to and following instructions, LEADERSHIP, focus and self control (self regulation), confidence, and character development. Skills that are crucial to a child's early success  at school, home, life, and beyond. Our 3 and 4 year olds learn to face their fears (overcoming shyness), work on a team,  doing well at things they do not like, and most of all experiencing hardship and frustration then succeeding!

One of our first lessons are – “How to Listen, Follow Directions, and Wait Their Turn”. Then we teach them our core Karate attitudes: “Always try your best, never give up, and never be afraid to make mistakes”. Ultimately this "program" prepares them for our main youth and teen programs where they learn the attitudes, habits and most of all the character traits of highly successful and happy young adults.


How a child starts JK or Kindergarten can have a HUGE impact on their future academics!!


Ask any educator and they will tell you that the biggest determining factor of how a child will do when they start school is their “prior knowledge”.  and "core attitudes" Before any educator can focus on academics, a child must have appropriate  social skills  in place.


 Forging Tomorrow's Leaders....Today!  

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