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What is your child doing over the summer?

The habit of being a life-long learner!

Hello Parents,

Our goal at Keiko Martial Arts is simple and important …..To get your child ahead of the peers for September!!!

Teachers know the break over summer can be a season full of learning opportunities . . . or learning losses. Every summer a child can lose two to three months in reading and about two months of math skills.

We know the behaviours, habits and character traits that produce highly successful kids. Two of the habits at the very top of the list are “life-long learning” and the “love of reading”. It is simple – people that read are more successful.

Summer is the best time to take your child’s reading to the next level. We say “If your child is not reading over the summer – what are they doing?!

All athletes know that their biggest gains and improvements are made in the off season, the same rule applies to kids when it comes to reading. I think you will like some of the improvements we have made to the program this year. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you and your child excel:

  • Make reading mandatory. Everyone should be expected to participate, but like everything else in life – you get what you put into it! Here is a suggestion – start out strong. Get excited about this program and send the signal to your child that this is important.

  • Read every day. This may seem hard to some but it really is not. Here is the key – just make it a small habit and use a good trigger. For example, pick something you do every day that has some quiet time before or after. Right after dinner at home, or right before bedtime. First thing in the morning while everyone is cuddling in Mom’s bed. Don’t worry about how much you read, just be sure you do a little almost every day.

  • Keep it fun. Take advantage of the fact that during the school year they often have to read things they are not thrilled to read. During the summer they can read what they like. So don’t worry if they read books, magazines or comic books. Let them have fun.

  • Make books accessible. Have books around the house. Have books in the car. Always have books with you. Have books that you read too.

  • Don’t’ underestimate the power of choice. Kids will read books they like. Help your child find their interest. Building their interest can help even reluctant and struggling readers.

  • Take advantage of technology. Kids love those e-readers. You can also listen to books.Put them on your iPod or listen to audiobooks in your car.

  • Make reading a family culture. This last one is probably the most powerful. To make this really stick and have the whole family benefit - make reading a family culture. Kids learn by example. They best way to motivate your child to read is to read yourself! Start by saying this all the time – “Our family loves to read – we read every day!” Then turn off the TV and video games and have daily family reading time. Another tip is to have Mom or Dad read to everyone or have older siblings read to their younger siblings.

Our goal is simple and important –To get your child ahead of the peers for September!!!

Have an Amazing week!!!


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here……………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their

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