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Make Memories this Summer

Make Memories this Summer . . .

Hello Parents,

Do you have summer memories from your childhood that you will remember forever?...These are much more important than you may think.

The reason those memories are burned into your mind and heart is because they are experienced at a high emotional level. These deep emotional connections are so important for the development of a child. To better understand and appreciate what a deep emotional connection and experience is just think of anything that makes you ball yours eyes out crying, or makes you roll on the ground in a big belly laugh you cannot stop. You want your child's life to be rich and full of these.

Many believe that in today's fast paced and technologically driven world, kids today are missing out on this. Too much "screen time". These screens cannot give children the rich emotional experiences they need. But more alarming is they cannot give them the personal one-one "human" connection with others. They say that the real reason being with other is a human need is because sharing events with other is the "ultimate magnifier of the human experience". To illustrate this just imagine going on a huge rollercoaster by yourself. Now take that same rollercoaster ride and put your 12 of your best and craziest friends with you all screaming their heads off!

So what can you do?

Here are a few suggestions:

Limit Screen Time:

Make it intentional and controlled. Enough said!

Quality over Quantity:

Intentionally spend time with your kids and… BE FULLY PRESENT IN EVERY MOMENT. Everyone put away the smartphone and laptop. But here is the good news. You do not need to spend a ton of time with them, just make your primary objective to spend quality time with them. Get creative and do new things. Go to places you have never gone before. You should go to one place as a family or personally you have never been to every year. Meet new people. Get a little crazy. Have your kids involved in researching and finding things to do. Make it a family decision.