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Black belts finish strong, and start even stronger!"

Hello parents,

We understand school is very IMPORTANT to you! And It is to us too! Make it the most important thing in your children’s life right now.

Now that we have a few weeks of “back to school” under our belts it might be time to time to make some necessary adjustments, to our routine, and mindset. This is simply a discipline and a mindset, but more importantly here at Keiko Dojo it is a "standard" that all of us learn to live our lives by. It is about the story you are telling yourself…”I always start strong.”

So this week is important, as we help you get your mind "in the game"! Think about your child's start in school and what adjustments you need to make to gather your momentum physically, mentally and emotionally in order to get your child at full speed .

Here is a question for you: What one thing could your family do differently this year, and what adjustments do you need to make based on last week, to reduce the stress of the morning school day routine?

Just like preparing for a big vacation trip. Get everything you need for the next day prepared the night before…lunch made and ready, agenda checked and signed, back pack at the door, breakfast pre made the night before. One of the biggest things you can do is stick to strict bed times, and wake up ties. This builds habits which in-turn build discipline. Make sure there is plenty of time for a rock solid breakfast.

Ok Parents Here are some secrets I have discovered to being a strong starter:

1. This is perhaps the most important of all… NOTICE your ATTITUDE: Your energy is everything!! Ask yourself this question: How am I showing up in this moment right now? What story is my body language and my words telling? Your child will mirror the feelings you attach to situations and events and how you speak about school. Be conscious of this in every moment.

2. Make a decision: Most people don’t realize the reason they get in the habit of starting slowly or weakly: they never really make the decision to actually really DO IT. Just listen to what you or your child says. Things like “I will try it” or “I want to see if I will like it” or “I want to see if I will be good at it” Why are most people indecisive – BECAUSE IT IS EASIER AND SAFER. Learn the habit of never playing it safe when it comes to doing things that are worthwhile. (Hint: Most likely if you are doing something it is worthwhile for you to do it!)

3. Learn to only play at 100%: This is another easy habit to fall into. Being a “toe dipper”. Only doing things half way. This is “Trying”. Trying really does not work, you either do it or don’t do it. This may be confusing but just do this – learn to play “all out”. Successful people always play all out. This is one thing we practice every single day in karate!

Remember: Black belts finish strong…… But start even stronger!!

Have an Amazing Week!!


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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