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I Never Let Anyone Bully Me, or My Friends!!

I Never Let Anyone Bully Me, or My Friends!!

Parents, here’s the good news. When we do a really good job at teaching this to our children, they not only learn to protect themselves, they can protect, and teach their peers to help others too!!!!!! We create Guardians and Champions for GOOD!!

This is ultimately the only real solution to bullying. It will take the kids to stop it. Bullying in our schools, playgrounds, and communities cannot be stopped by just the adults, and here’s the biggest reason why:

While it may sound good to have our children ignore or turn the other cheek, this does not work to stop it because Bullies need two things to exist and survive: SILENCE and SECRECY!! Unconfronted, and unreported bullying incidents only serve to enable, and enpower the bully to continue their scourge.

Here is the problem, especially when kids get older, the bullies get really smart and skillful. They can bully others and never been seen hurting others by any adults. They also know how to stay “just under the radar” when they are in trouble. Only to rise up later when the coast is clear. But our kids see it all!

The group of children that will make the difference and change this world of bullying is the “Silent Majority” of bystanders. These are the 80% of kids that are good kids. They know they should stop the bullies but just do not know how or feel powerless to stop it.

If one child stands up to a bully it sends them a clear message, but if two or more stand together it will stop almost all the time. So here is the good news, we have the strength in our numbers!!!! And United we can end this ! It just takes COURAGE!!! Courage by only one person first!! Then others will certainly follow

So what do we do as parents and teachers? Develop Courage in our children then teach them the deep belief and conviction that they have a right to a school and life free of bullying, and they can go to a school and not be afraid and helpless.

So…… Can bullying be stopped? I believe it can!

Have an Amazing Week!!


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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