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What's Your Child Doing This Summer?

Hello Parents,

Every year around this time I get moms and dads asking me a very common question: “Is the summer schedule for classes and times the same or different than the current schedule?”

Families that have been with us for a while understand the following concept, but for those that are new here at Keiko Dojo, and aren’t familiar with these powerful concepts, I am very excited to share this with you.

Astute parents recognize that keeping some, if not all of their child’s routine over the summer is an excellent investment in their success early in their following school year. While we all appreciate a good vacation or two during the summer, and the chance to connect with family, too much down time for our children can be risky to their development.

Structure Routine and Consistency!

I would like to take a moment to share with you a critical concept and attitude for our children, and us, their parents.

This concept of making “learning a continuous process”.

Most people are unknowingly conditioned to make learning something they stop and start. A good example is school. Most kids are in “learn mode” from September to June. They learn to shut off learning in June (although a few sharp parents keep their child’s learning going and some even learn MORE during the summer!).

You may notice ddults doing it when they require a refresher course to qualify for a promotion or certain position at work. Most upon completion halt the education process thereafter.

I know this may be difficult to think about with the end of a school year around the corner, but stop and take moment to look at what that first week of school in September could look like for your child if they were out of routine, sleeping until 10 am or noon, listlessly laying on the couch playing video games with little to no exercise, no reading or learning, continuously pushing chips, candy, pop into their mouths? Now, what does that first week of school like with your child having their best start ever….Well prepared, in a routine, having continuously and rigorously exercised their minds and bodies, and ahead of their peers for their next school year??!

All high performance athletes know that the “off season” is the time they make the most significant gains to ensure they are even better for the following year and can contribute at en even higher level. It is, and can be the same for your child!

We recognize “ the little things matter” here at Keiko Martial Arts and we take this responsibility of helping you raise your child very seriously. Therefore since we know we can have a significant impact, and change lives, we look at every little thing we do here very carefully. Everything we do here is for a reason. We only have a very short period of time once, or twice a week to change you and your child’s life so we want every second and every single thing we do to count.

I know most of you already understand the concept of “continuous learning” and apply it in your life. You would not be as successful as you are if you did not. I can tell you, I learn more now than I ever did in all the schooling I have been through . . . and it is accelerating. I have learned and grown more in the last 6 years than I had in the previous 40!

Looking forward to learning and growing with you!

Have an amazing week


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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