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You cant not teach

Hello Parents,

First off I want I want to thank every single one of our wonderful parents for supporting the program but more importantly your children! We couldn't do this without you. You ROCK!!

One of our primary goals at Keiko Martial Arts is to help every single one of our students, and parents discover their unlimited potential.

We as parents model the behaviour we wish to see in our children, and you will always be your child’s first and primary teacher. They are always watching what you do and it is not so much what you say, but what you do that counts. Certainly our children will copy and repeat what we say, but it ii our actions that are copied most.

We have discovered that in addition to our summer reading program, maintaining a learning mindset with structure routine and consistency makes it so much easier for your child to start school in September. It will be here before you know it…and although it has only been one week, you may already be noticing your child falling out of their routine?

Believe it or not kids really do not like chaos and a “free for all” life!

SO……“What makes the difference between a child who thrives and succeeds, and one who struggles and fails?”

Well, one easy answer is reading. Our Summer Reading Program has gotten off to its strongest start ever!!! Kids who love reading, love school and learning. When they do well at school they thrive in life. When a child struggles, or does not like reading, they tend to not do well in school.

We have discovered there are four types of kids when it comes to reading: Can you identify which one your child is in??

1. The kids who love reading: First consider yourself lucky. These kids read all the time without being told. You don’t need to do much but you can enhance their drive. First, sincerely praise their reading. Young children want nothing more than to please their parents and your positive feedback is huge to them. A second thing you can do is ask them about what they are reading. Have them teach you about what they read. Third, challenge their mind. Discover their interests and guide their curiosity and learning.

2. The kids that will only read when forced to: Well the good news is you are still in luck. Especially when they are young, at least you (or their teacher) can get them to read. It is important right now to develop the reading habit so they do move up to the first group. The key is to do everything you can to keep them reading. In the summer let them read what they like to read. We can also help you here. We will be the “bad guys”. We will be the ones that tell them they have to read. You can stay the good guys and help them meet our reading requirement. If you need help “encouraging” your child to read just let us know and we would be happy to talk to them! Send the clear message: They do not have to like reading, but they have to read! It is not just okay but important that you teach your child the vital skill of “doing things they do not want to do!”

3. The kids who avoid or refuse to read: This is a tougher one. This one you do want to catch early because time will work against you. The longer a child struggles and gets behind the harder it becomes to get them on the reading track. I have mothers all the time ask me “Sensei, how do I get my child to read?” I tell them the best way to get your kids to read is to model it. Do you read and does your child see you read?It is very similar to eating healthy or working out. The best way to teach and develop something in your child is to do it yourself.

4. Kids who really do struggle with reading: OK....So here is the fourth group.......These are the children who really do have an obstacle to reading or a learning disability. It is critical to identify this as early as possible. The schools can help you here. They can test your child then formulate a plan to catch them up. All mothers have a special gift called intuition. You know your child far better than anyone else.

Trust your intuition on this one. It almost always beats the doctors and experts!

Have An Amazing Week!!!


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!

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