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Raising the culture bar

Onegaishimasu Parents and students,

Thank you for everything you do to make Keiko Dojo that special place in the community where your children can discover their unlimited potential. We have worked hard to create this “village” to help you to raise your children, but what is it that makes Keiko Dojo such a special place?

First and foremost, it is our culture, and moreover it is the culture we create together. What is culture??? Culture is simply defined as: A set of beliefs, values, and habits shared by a group of people.

Recently we have been striving to re-inforce with your children the first and most important piece of our Keiko Dojo culture…respect and courtesy, and I want to thank you, the parents for being such a powerful force behind this in the dojo. You are the NUMBER 1 EDUCATOR in their lives, and the primary example by which they will model their behaviour. If you bow…They will bow. If you say Onegaishimasu, your children will say it. If you use your pleases and thank yous…Your children will as well.

It should come as no surprise that our culture, like our children, and our lives, require continuous effort to improve and refine. Which is another HUGE part of our Keiko Dojo culture….Continuous and Never Ending Improvement (CANI). CANI takes discipline, and a willingness to never settle for good enough. The world is full of people that are just "good enough". At Keiko Dojo we strive for excellence in everything we do, and to be in the top 7% of highly successful people in this world.

When we can learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, to embrace change, and are best friends with struggle, hardship, and pushing our comfort zones, only then can we begin to realize our TRUE and UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. Its not easy...No one ever said it would be!! We never do easy!! So here’s what you can do to make this an even better place, and lift our culture to an higher standard. I love seeing our parents take an active role with this simple yet powerful initiative…You are the village.

Entering in the dojo: The small things matter, and the small things you do first matter even more. We have gone over this before, but entering the dojo and removing your shoes sets the tone. Remember only dirty shoes on the dirty mats, only clean feet/socks on the clean floor! Never miss an opportunity to bow when you enter the dojo, and say Onegaishimasu phonetically pronounced; (O-nee gai sha mass).

No running or “goofing around” in the common area, and no food or drinks down the parents participation (Viewing wall) on the back side of the training floor (this includes the second dojo as well). Help us keep the dojo safe and immaculate. Thank you to those parents already setting a good example!

Never miss an opportunity to model respect and courtesy to other parents and students by bowing to students. Expect the student to look you in the eye, then say clearly and with a smile, Onegaishimasu back to you.

I love the saying “you get what you tolerate” so please kindly call a student out when they do not do it well, but just as importantly recognize and praise them when they do it well.

Appearance: Dress for success!!! Please expect and accept only a higher standard of appearance of your child’s uniform and belt. We will. Complete uniform, correctly worn with belts tied well. Teach them pride in the uniform.

It is the small things that make you great.

Thank you for partnering with us to create that special village we need now more than ever, and for helping us create and maintain a powerful and life changing culture that helps our children discover their UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

Have an amazing week


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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