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Happy Mother's day!!!

Onegaishimasu Parents,

I want to wish all our moms a very happy mother’s day. You do so much for your family and are the glue that holds it together. You really are superheroes, and I want to recognize and thank you for everything you do. Hey Dads…We know you work really hard too, and are just as dedicated to your family, but today is her special day!!

Mom….. this Mokuso is dedicated to you!!!

Moms…Talk about the ultimate family superhero. From scheduling extra- curricular activities, keeper of the house, balancing a cheque book, helping with homework, packing lunches, to making breakfasts, to evening event coordinator and taxi driver…..WOW!!!

Is there anything you CANT DO??

Hey, moms I really want to help you out here so I’m going to share with you some very powerful concepts that when understood and applied can quite literally change your life.

Mom’s Busy Schedule:

It is one of the busiest schedules I have ever seen…and I know busy!! Ok…..from my experience, managing a busy schedule comes down to one simple concept; “task management” Most people are surprised to hear it put that way because we are so conditioned to the term “Time management” However, I have learned “time” is a level playing field for everyone.

We all have exactly the same amount of time every day. Every single person has the same 24 hours in a day. More successful, and less stressed out people do not have a single minute more than you do. So you will never have more time. You cannot manage time, you can only manage the tasks you assign and perform within a certain amount of time.

Here’s another concept that can really mess up Moms (and modern dads), and if they can understand, and counter them can live very happy and less stressful lives:

1. “Nuturers” - Women, for good reason, are hard wired to be “nurturers” so without knowing why, women have to take care of every body. That is their job. So what happens? They take care of everybody else first, and what is left over they use for themselves. Only problem….. There is nothing left for them. They go to sleep every night thinking about all the things they did not do for others.

Solution: Every Superhero needs time to work on their superpowers!!!

Moms(and dads), take at least 30 minutes every day (ideally 1 hour) for “me time” Your personal “Hour of Power”!!! This is the key.. You cannot do it all, and you must have time for “You”. You will be a much better wife, employee, parent, person.

2. “Superwomen” – This is where Moms and all those around them have unrealistically high expectations. Mom is supposed to do everything and do them perfectly. Never dropping a ball. They are expected to be super human and they go to sleep every night thinking about how they failed or did not get everything done.

So what to do ?

You have to intentionally choose what you “do not” do. By prioritizing and de-cluttering your tasks.

If you aren’t familiar with it… Let me introduce you to a concept called the “Pareto principle”. Whereby 20 % of the work yields 80% of the results!! Most people spend too much time on the 80% that only yields 20 % of the results.

Concentrate on the 20% that really get 80% of your results.

If you do this, you may find that some of the things you do, either do not really need to be done, or can be delegated to someone else (chores for the kids??) In our society we erroneously equate being busy with success. It is actually the opposite – the most successful people actually do less.

I certainly hope this helps…


Have an amazing week!!!!


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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