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Leaders cant help but LEAD!!

Onegaishimasu Parents and students,

Thank you to everyone for making this years Keiko Dojo picnic a tremendous success. A big Thanks to the Keiko TEAM, all the teen, and adult volunteers for stepping up, and helping out.

Lastly a big thank you to all the parents for your donations, and support that helped make this picnic the success it was. This Year's Keiko Dojo family picnic was an amazing experience . As you may already know we held our first ever Dragons/Ninjas graduation at the picnic. Those that have been with us for a while know…(We are never afraid to try new things and look for new ways of getting better at what we do). We are dedicated to continuing and never ending improvement. (CANI). I have to level with you parents….There was a brief moment when even I doubted we were going to be able to pull this off because of the rain, but we couldn’t be more proud of the students and parents that came out, even as the rain poured down. WOW!! Special two claps to all the students, and parents that helped KIAIIIIIII!!!!! the rain away!

What an amazing opportunity for our children, and for us as parents. I feel the rain actually made this year’s picnic even better, and here’s why. It helped us to teach our children the lesson of "Overcoming adversity" and rising to a challenge. Life and karate happen on life’s terms, and we aren’t always in control of our environment, however, we can certainly control how we react to it.

OK Parents…..We only have two weeks left to help prepare your children for back to school. While some of our luckier students have already started school and that is FANTASTIC!! Our mission here is to help you make this year, your child’s BEST YEAR EVER in school, home and life.

Our continued theme for the next few weeks is: I ALWAYS START STRONG!!

As we prepare for another school year, our concentration will lie in partnering even further with you as parents. This initiative starts by growing ourselves together as leaders in the dojo, to be the best mother/father, husband/wife, son/daughter, employee/boss, community member and person we can possibly be! By modeling the behaviour we wish to see in our children. LEADERS LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

We are not just turning your child into a leader. We are turning you into a leader!

While we have been giving you parenting tips all along , and will certainly continue to do so, we want to turn it up by adding more concrete ways for you to add even more tools to your parenting toolbox while in the dojo, and to help your child discover their unlimited potential.

You are your child's first and primary teacher. Want proof? Take a look at most of your child's habits and attitudes. No doubt they are very similar to those of either yourself or your spouse. I like the saying "You can't not teach". So if you want the most powerful key to raising an amazing child . . . it is you.

"Be the change you want to see in your child!" and "Work harder on developing yourself than you do on your child!"

We are passionate about developing you and your child, and look forward to partnering with you to become the best parents on the planet!

Are you ready to be a leader?

Have an amazing week


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