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Does your child Earn While they Learn?

Onegaishimasu Parents,

At Keiko Martial Arts one of our core values is our commitment to Continuous and Never Ending Improvement (CANI). We are also fully dedicated to development of your child and helping them (and you) reach your full and unlimited potential.

When applied consistently this could take your child’s personal development to a whole new level!!

Parents, and moms especially, you have the craziest schedules I have ever seen. In this day and age of being on the go and super busy with our lives, we find ourselves doing most, if not all of the work around the house. Quite often simply because it's just quicker and easier. A big part of Keiko

Chores do so much for a child’s development. We all had chores when we were young. Think back and reflect on what they did for you as a child, especially when they were difficult and you didn't want to do them.

Have you ever thought about asking your child to do something to help and then thought…” Awwww it’s quicker if I just do it myself” or “If I want it done properly I’ll just do it myself” While in fact both statements may be true, in doing so we are missing a wonderful opportunity to enhance the development of our children.

Children need to learn to take ownership, and responsibility, and the earlier in their lives the better. Which also means we, as parents have to step back and allow them to experience hardship, struggle, and failure. It teaches them that the little things matter...ALOT!! Parents…Certainly help your child, but resist the temptation to jump in and save them at the first signs of struggle…. This will build that grit and perseverance so critical to your child’s success. We all had chores when we were young. We survived!!

Here are the four critical areas of personal development Keiko Character 2.0 focuses on in your child:

1. Delayed gratification: Learning to wait or earn something

2. Self Discipline: Developing daily habits that become disciplines

3. Hard Work: Learning to appreciate the value of everything through our efforts.

4. Goal Setting: Learning to set personal goals

Here’s to your child discovering their unlimited potential!

Have an amazing week


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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