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Our need for human connection

Onegaishimasu parents, and students,

At Keiko Martial Arts we are on an insatiable quest for knowledge and through our study of karate and the martial arts have made child development, and human behaviour one of our passions.

These past few months have been, without a doubt, the most interesting this generation has ever seen in terms of rapid social change, the likes of which we haven’t experienced since the 1960s, and may never see again. Needless to say this has been a very unique and eye-opening experience socially, and a wonderful opportunity for us to further our studies of what makes the difference between a child that succeeds, and one that continuously struggles and fails.

The lockdown, social distancing, physical restrictions and safety measures, along with everything being online has given us a chance to reflect, and perhaps become even more aware of the human drive and need for social interaction and connections.

For some of the younger children this may be the only world they know thus far, and may think it has always been this way. Some who do know a different “pre Covid” world may already be forgetting what it was like pre Covid.

The internet and social media were meant to make us more “connected”, and have certainly been a saving grace during these difficult times, but it is clear, and more apparent than ever, these fall short in many of the essential areas…….Physical peer interaction is an essential piece to the proper social development of our children, and humans have a very strong drive for physical connections and a belonging to a “tribe”

We crave that face to face personalized human contact and sense of belonging. It is essential to our development and our existence. This time has amplified just how important our tribe and connections are to our sense of well being. We feel that need in every fibre of our existence.

The power of community and connections is EVERYTHING!

Are you ready to do your part?

Have an amazing week

Sensei Chris

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