“Strong and Kind”

Onegaishimasu Parents and Students,

A common question I get from parents is….. “If my child learns karate, I am afraid they will get more aggressive and use it on their siblings?”

I always tell parents they may be quite surprised when the opposite happens! Here’s why. At Keiko Dojo we believe in raising children that are bothkind and strong! You may also notice that “kindness” is one of the character traits of a black belt.

It is significant that the word “Strong” comes before the word “Kind”.  But this is how it works. It takes Strength and Courage to be kind and compassionate.  If you are in the state of fear or weakness you cannot be kind.  As a matter of fact, all children behave the way they do for a reason. 

Most often a child will act out inappropriately because of fear.  They act out for attention, which is either a result of the fear or jealousy they will not be loved or enough.  A child will lie or cheat out of a fear of being caught or not looking good/winning.  A child will be mean or abusive or controlling out of fear. Bullies bully out of fear.  The same goes for adults.  If you look at most things we do that are not good for us, or others it is out of fear.

Think for a moment of someone extremely kind and compassionate?  Now think of someone mean, abusive or controlling. Who lives with more fear?  Doesn’t it seem like the stronger they are the kinder they become? 

If you meet most black belts you will find them to be the most powerful and courageous people around, yet the kindest and most caring. It should be no surprise because the stronger you get, the kinder you become.

So to answer the parent’s question:  “Your child will actually become stronger and kinder because of karate!”

Have an amazing week


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