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Dragon - age: 3 and up
AGE 3-6

This fun, safe, professionally designed  program has one objective – To get your child AHEAD of their peers for kindergarten through first grade!


One of our first lessons is – How to Listen, Follow Directions, and Wait Their Turn”. Then we teach them our core Karate attitudes: “Always try your best, never give up, and...



AGE 7-12
Youth - age: 6 and up

The three most common things we help parents with are:

  1. Shyness

  2. Bullying

  3. Behavior

Martial Arts is less about your child learning to fight others, and more about mastering...oneself.  Two things hold our children back.....Their innermost fears and self doubts. Conquer them, and your child unleashes within themselves a powerful, unstoppable force.



AGE 13+
Teen - age: 13 and up

Two things most parents feel their teens have a problem with...

  1. Social Skills

  2. Attitude

Hey parents...Do you feel electronics, and too much "down time" are holding your teen back?

Is your teen becoming listless, apathetic, and lacking motivation? Maybe even starting to get a little overweight??

Our TEENs program may be just what they need!!


We begin by putting healthy choices in place for your teen. Karate requires discipline both mentally and physically. We provide a safe, disciplined, and structured environment where they can hone their success habits.






AGE 16+
Adult - age: 16 and up

Are the stresses of daily life taking their toll on you mentally, physically, and spiritually??

Have you ever wanted to make a change but werent sure how to start or where to go?


Like most people you've probably tried going on a diet,  or even bought a gym membership.......Did you say “This time I’m going to do it!”?

Were you excited and all set to get off to a strong start only to find out that after a couple months you were right back to where you started (or worse)?

 The good news is it was probably not the program or even your motivation. The reason most adults cannot sustain long term change has to do with their “COMFORT ZONE”. So the key to make real, lasting change in your life is not in choosing the right diet or program but in changing how your think, your mindset.

That is where karate comes in!

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Home schooling 

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