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Keiko Martial Arts Teen Program In Brampton, ON

Be the CHANGE you want to see in this WORLD.

TeensMatter is committed to impacting teens from the age of 13 to 19 years old through seminars and workshops in a transformational way with the goal to EMPOWER them and open a world of possiblities for their lives!


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Teens Matter - Keiko Ryu Do Martial Arts
Keiko Martial Arts Dojo
255 Queen St. E #2 - Brampton, ON L6W 2B8

Two things most parents feel their teens have a problem with...

1: Social Skills. Mom, doesn’t it seem like you have everything working against you as you try to raise a successful happy teen?


Texting, Bullying….. It’s a tough world out there!!! You need that “village” to raise your child.


2:Attitude. Attitude just seems to be amplified as a teen. We find that if raised well, teens can be your greatest pleasure. If not, they can be your worst nightmare!!! What kind of attitude are you seeing in your teen?

Can you identify your teen with one or more of these frequently recognized concerns??


Isolation: They begin to physically remove themselves from family social functions, and are less approachable.


Rebellious: Frequent defiance and outbursts of a disrespectful nature.


Dubious choices of friends: Suspecting they are “hanging out” with the wrong crowd.


Too much idle time: Inactive social time watching T.V., on the computer, playing video games. Constantly on their phones texting!!!!!!!!


Bullying: Ouch!!! On top of dealing with the usual forms of bullying, these years bring a new form of bullying. The “clique” bully. Teens can have a pack mentality at school. Those who don’t fit in are outcast and ridiculed. This can leave emotional scars that have an extremely negative impact on the psyche of a young adult.


Obesity: One can make a very legitimate point that it is reaching epidemic proportions in this day and age. The negative social implications of this disease for your teen are tremendous!!! Not to mention the health implications.


You are not alone! We are here to help.

How Does Karate help?


Our program is much, much more than a “punch and kick” karate program.


We begin by putting healthy choices in place for your teen. Karate requires discipline both mentally and physically. We provide a safe, disciplined, and structured environment where they can hone their success habits.

Boosting their self confidence is crucial. We emphasize team work, and leadership skills in this program. Proper self image is an inevitable result of proper application of self confidence boosting.

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