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Do you dress for success?

Hello Parents,

Have you ever heard the term “Dress for success” Did your parents ever say this you? My parents used to be big on this with me, and like most things when I was young, never really fully understood the concept until I got older, and karate taught me how to appreciate the psychology behind it. Caring for how we look and wanting to look our best, to me isn’t vanity, it is a sense of pride and ownership. When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good you have the added confidence to do your BEST!!

This past weekend’s Dragons/Ninjas graduation really got me thinking about how our appearance can affect our performance. It may help to think of it like being on a soccer or hockey or any sports team and you are the only one not wearing the team jersey, or the appropriate equipment. For many, the mindset would be all off.

Have you ever looked at a formation of soldiers standing all perfectly dressed in formation with perfectly pressed and crisp uniforms with unblinking laser focus, and thought WOW!!! That is impressive!!!

You wouldn't wear a wrinkled, stained shirt and dirty ripped pants to an important board meeting, or for a job interview? Much like a wedding or special event, Im willing to bet most would go well out of their way to ensure they are very specific about what and how they are dressed for important functions.

First and foremost….Your gis is CLEAN and Stain free!! Gis should always be clean, stain free, unwrinkled, and bright white. Second, both sides tied tight, lower part(under the belt) extended fully down (not bunched),and my belt(Obi) tied with the proper knot and worn over the gis with the knot centered perfectly.

While it may not seem like much, the simple act of caring for and wearing our gi properly or “dressing for success does way more than we may think, and teaches our children some very powerful skills. First off, it teaches our children self respect and responsibility.. To take pride in themselves and their appearance. Not to mention the hygienic value that goes with it. .

Looking after, and caring for themselves personally, and their uniforms (Gis) helps develop a sense of ownership, responsibility, and DISCIPLINE!! Our children learn the discipline of being responsible for their appearance, and for the upkeep of their personal property. It takes consistency and effort to maintain your personal property to a higher standard. How many times have you looked at your child’s play area and thought “what a mess” or does my child even appreciate all this stuff??

Well I can tell you learning to care for, and wear a uniform properly is also a great way to help build a sense of GRATITUDE for what they have through caring and appreciation.

Lastly ….CONFIDENCE. Like I mentioned earlier. When you look good you feel good (again the psychology), and when you feel good you have the confidence to do your best and succeed!!

So how do we do this.??? It starts with the right mindset, and raising our standard. Don’t settle for, or accept anything short of exceptional. Second, teaching our children the importance of “dressing for success” no matter what it is they are doing…School, sports, karate, social functions, literally anything.

Be conscious of how, and what you are wearing or letting your child wear. Lastly let it drive you, and your child absolutely crazy if it isn’t appropriate or properly worn.

Preparing the child for the road ahead......Not the road for the child.


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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