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Our Success Stories

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to Sensei Chris and the rest of the staff at Keiko Ryu Do. At age 5 our son expressed interest in Karate and I was onboard as it seemed like a great way to increase his physical activity. I was quickly thrilled to discover the many wonderful benefits of working with Sensei Chris and his team. 


One thing in particular that struck me was that every single act had a purpose.  For example, when going through a warm up using hula hoops rings, they have the forethought to use the same number of rings as children so that at the end each child is responsible for putting away one ring.  This is just one small example of the mindfulness of Keiko Ryu Do. 


In my humble opinion one of most valuable lessons my son has learned is that it is ok to make mistakes as long as he has tried his best.


The positive reinforcement and support that Sensei Chris and his team provide is very effective, I can honestly say that my son's confidence has definitely improved during our time with Keiko Ryu Do.

I truly feel the Keiko Dojo is bringing out the best in our son and am grateful, it is a wonderful thing to observe and be a part of."


Thank you again Sensei Chris.
Carol Kaminski

“Thank you Sensei. I wanted to let you know that Eljay loves your classes , the best part of each class(apart from watching the entire class ) for me is at the end of the class ....he always runs up to me and say " did you hear what Sensei said to me!!! ...(With the biggest smile of achievement I have EVER seen on Eljay since he was born I have personally never seen Eljay take to something with such passion ; as a mother it is so pleasing to see. There is a confidence in him that I see more and more as he takes part in your classes and also I see a change in respect as well...hard to believe it would take effect so quickly but so very true. I believe your classes are beneficial in every aspect to Eljay as it carries so many Life lessons is so much more then Karate , I am so pleased he is able to take part in your classes , Thank you so very much to the both of you."


Kind regards,


“Overall, Keiko Ryu Do is a fantastic Dojo, with in a few months of training, my 9 years old son has become a more disciplined, confident and a respectful young person. Thank you to our Sensei and Senpai, their technique, patience and determination towards the training process has been very motivating especially to new comers.“


Kind regards,

Lisa Salenga

''I'm really glad i put my son in this Keiko Ryu Do. Beside great training, Sensei and Senpai's teach him discipline and respecting others. I also really liked how there is sparring where he can apply his martial arts techniques with his peers.''


Kind regards,

Jimmy Ha


"Our son has attended Keiko Ryu Do for the past 2 years and has never lost interest since day one. The instructors really take the time to work with the students through every level of their progress. We really appreciate how much emphasis is put on teaching respect to the students in the dojo, at school and at home."

Thank you for your dedication in teaching our son and other students like him.


Kind Regards,



Onegaishimasu Sensei,


"I have been a student at Keiko ryu do martial arts dojo in Brampton for the last 3+ yrs. It has always been a dream of mine to get into martial arts. I was 29 when I first took up goju ryu karate and it was my first martial arts school. In my opinion this is the best decision that I ever made in life. Since joining Keiko ryu do martial arts dojo I have become a better person. It teaches you discipline, patience, confidence, team work, respect and to never give up. Goju ryu karate has helped me in many ways and especially in real life situations. I was able to defend my self in many situations and most times I was able to defuse situations. Since joining Keiko ryu do martial arts dojo I have lost a total of 70lbs and teached me to live a very active and healthy life style. Sensei Chris Englund is an excellent teacher and his staff is very help full. The dojo it self is very welcoming and every one there is apart of one big family."


Arigato Gozaimashita,


"Keiko Ryu Do martial arts is a great place. you learn a lot. Chris is a great and friendly sensi, you will learn a lot from him. The students at keiko Ryu Do martial arts are friendly and they will help you with your training. over all its a great place to learn martial arts i recommend it to who ever wants to learn Martial Arts."


Scott Houle

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