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What is a dojo?

Onegashimasu Parents and Students,

We have created that special "village” we need now more than ever, dedicated to raising our children in an environment of higher learning, higher standards, refinement of character, and the continuous pursuit to discover our unlimited potential.

I wanted to share a very special message with you, to help you make the most of this special place in your community called Keiko Dojo.

Keiko, literally translated means “Training”, and “Dojo” means “Place of the way” ......Training in the Place of the Way.

The first and most important lesson in the "way" and the dojo is "Respect". We show respect through our actions and our words, and in a physical sense by bowing when we enter, when we greet someone, and when we leave the dojo. This takes incredible discipline, which brings me to the second most powerful karate training we have in our dojo….Our minds and character.

One must become mentally strong before they can ever become physically strong. (The first three pushups don’t make you stronger……The last three do!) We realize one cannot endure the intense physical training, or develop discipline, and focus without properly developing our minds, and character. Our “way” or the “Keiko Dojo way” is to be a community of like minded people dedicated to helping each other, and our children discover their unlimited potential.

Ultimately the development of grit and the ability to persevere when others simply will not, is one of the most powerful lessons we can teach your child. While intense physical training is essential to this development, equally, if not more important is how we train ourselves, and your child mentally through the “words” we use, and the words you let your child use. These words not only determine what we focus on, they guide how we think.

Have you ever been around someone that is always negative, complaining, criticizing and blaming? ……rude, arrogant, or unthankful? They have just developed a habit and pattern of not using words and specific language in line with a positive growth mindset. On the other side have you ever known person that is always upbeat, positive and with a ‘can do’ attitude? The words they use are just a habit also.

A powerful key to success is you can choose the words you use!

So what words does your child repeatedly say?......Using the right words takes discipline.

As parents we must work extra hard to ensure our children form a positive self image, and never let your child repeat such phrases as “I can’t” or “I hate school.” Instead replace the negative words and phrases with positive ones such as; "TRY MY BEST!" Or "I LOVE SCHOOL!" Help them resist the urge to criticize, complain and blame. You may have noticed how we get (you and) your child to repeat certain words at the dojo in order to develop good word habits? Another powerful tool is our student creed… Can your child say the student creed by heart yet? Can you?? How about the words “I love you” and “thank you”?

How is your child doing with the initiative of bowing with everyone at the dojo, saying "Onegaishimasu", and maybe greeting fellow students, and adults, with a proper handshake and solid eye contact?

So here’s what you can do……Please help us keep the standard high. Never let your child get away without properly bowing and saying ONEGAISHIMASU (hello or please teach me), or DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA (thank you). Also do not let them walk by without greeting their fellow students at the dojo.

Remember…… We get what we tolerate!!

So despite all the punching, yelling, exercise and hard work at the dojo there actually is a method to all this madness.

Thank you for helping us to make your dojo that special place in the community with higher standards, to help you, and your child accelerate your lives, and discover your “Unlimited Potential”

Are you ready to step up?...Are you ready to help your child step up?


Keiko Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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